A proud U.S. company with military family roots.

About Us

Louis Bartrand
The Wandering I Store was started in 2017 by Louis Bartrand, a “military brat” and the son of a 38-year U.S. Air Force veteran, during a project he had initiated collecting and documenting the stories of military brats from all service branches. Because of his experiences constantly moving and being raised in places across the U.S. and the world, he began designing and selling t-shirts for the military installations he and his family had lived on growing up that no longer existed, as a way of both funding that project and keeping the memory of those places alive.

The often nomadic lifestyle of growing up as a military brat, repeatedly being uprooted and living in several different places and cultures, is the reason he came up with the name "Wandering I." He soon found himself receiving an increasing amount of requests from other veterans and military family members, also looking for apparel to remember the installations and locations they had been assigned to in their careers, or the bases where they had once lived.

In the years since, the store has slowly grown to become what it is today, with new products, installations and locations being steadily added and remembered, including those from several of the conflicts our veterans have been involved in over the years. It’s become clear that these assignments and various military communities, some of which still exist and others that are now long gone, have left lasting impressions on the people that experienced them and its our mission to try and keep the memories of those places from being lost to history.